Good friends’ food ends in sex

Shyla had prepared a meal for her friend Veronica and her husband. They went to eat with her and her husband. They began to eat and the evening was being very pleasant with the husbands talking about their things and with them on the other hand filleting without them noticing. the morbid suspicion that their husbands suspected something was what made Shyla hotter than ever. when they finished eating and before dessert they both went to the kitchen to prepare it.

There they went to the bathroom and Veronica laughed and nervously told him that she was crazy because she was putting her hand in front of her husbands. She didn’t care, because what she wanted was for him to fuck her and she started kissing her in the middle of the bathroom. Then they got into the shower and turned on the faucet so that their panting wouldn’t be heard on the bottom.