My stepmother has her best mother’s day.

Today was my girlfriend’s stepmother’s birthday. She had invited me to her house to give her a surprise and as soon as they arrived they began to prepare things for her to bring her breakfast. She was in her panties and he couldn’t contain himself and began to stick it in her back while she was leaning on the fridge. The mother was leaning out of the staircase and saw the whole scene and got overheated.

The stepdaughter told him to go up the flowers that she’d bring up for breakfast. When she saw the boy, the woman jumped on her and began to fuck her. The stepdaughter knocked on the door and the boyfriend got into bed with her stepmother and covered him while she came in with breakfast. She saw that there was a strange movement she saw that her boyfriend was fucking her. She couldn’t believe it, but her stepmother would convince her that it was nothing wrong.